Do you have a Vision Board?

I confess I don’t have a permanent, all-purpose dream board!  That may be part of some problems.  I do like project-connected ‘mind-maps’ or whiteboards.  When I’m working on a process or system, it helps me to remember the steps when I build a mind-map.

It seems the piece I’ve been missing is the overall vision board!  Time to learn more about how a vision board works. And how it can help me. And help you!  Get on board — we’re ready to ride!

The Purpose of a Vision Board

A Vision Board is a visual board representation of your dream life. This is a tool that is used to help you clarify different areas of your life. Areas to consider for your vision board would be:

  • Career / Professional
  • Health / Wellness
  • Home/ Family
  • Finances
  • Lifestyle

5 Purposes of a Vision Board

Understanding -Vision Boards can help you understand what you really want in your life because they require you to focus on your dreams. Vision boards can be any shape or size. They can be physical or digital. Personal information can be private. Or maybe you want to step out into the public with your dreams. Keep in mind that your vision board is personal and does not require the opinion of others. If you are struggling in any area of your vision board, it is probably time to ‘call a friend or use a ‘lifeline.’  An accountability partner — someone who can give you a little reality check can help you with clarification. Or, the blessing of a mentor can give you better clarity. Some professionals offer mentorship sessions for a fee.

Motivation – Another purpose of a vision board is to help motivate you to accomplish your life’s goals and see your dreams come true. You may be more motivated to accomplish your goals when they are visually appealing to you. Vision boards are meant to be posted on a wall or in an area that you frequent daily. Consider posting several copies of your vision board in your home and even at work. Having your goals in a vision board, large or small, frees your mind. You aren’t always trying to remember what is next!

Expectation -Vision Boards prompt you to analyze what you want for your life by focusing on your dreams. Then you will need to create small action steps that will get you closer to achieving your goals and dreams. This will require you to absolutely honest with yourself and maintain realistic expectations. Expectations rooted in fantasy are not real goals or more than daydreams.  A true dream for your life builds realistic expectations.

Reminders – If you post your vision board in a common area it will serve as a daily reminder of what actions you should take. Daily reminders can give you the inspiration to move forward during difficult times. See Motivation! Reminders help you keep the actions in a successful order.  Having reminders of what comes next frees your mind even more.

Inspiration – Creating your vision board can be a fun and creative outlet that can reduce stress. Let the creativity flow. There is no need to specifically organize or map out your vision board. I like to use both outline-chain connections and scatter connections. You can include images, poems, scripture, and even stickers. Use whatever supplies or elements you wish for the size and shape of your vision board. Make it inspiring, FUN, and about YOU!


Your vision board will benefit if you take the time to create SMART goals. SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. When your dreams are given boundaries and a timeline that include SMART goals you can see the vision board moving beyond fantasy into reality. Keep in mind that your dreams can change over time. They almost certainly WILL change. This is normal. When struggles start in any area, it is probably time for the accountability partner or mentor to give you some help.

Your vision board is a powerful tool when used appropriately.  Keeping your vision board visible to stay focused and motivated. Your vision board should bring about feelings of opportunity, passion, and inspiration. If an image or quote no longer serves a purpose, then remove it or replace it with another item. Your vision board should always be in alignment with what you want for your life.

Keep in mind that some of your goals may need a timeline to help you move forward with action otherwise you may never fully reach that goal. The EXPECTATIONS and REMINDERS that you use with your vision board will help you with timelines.