It’s the little things that will get you when traveling!


Okay, let’s take care of the elephant in the room — Covid 19.  Traveling has been more business for us than pleasure.

We’ve made over 10 trips across the midwest this summer. We’ve driven between the Missouri Ozarks and Colorado’s arid northeastern country.

We aren’t into hospitality frills. We’re friends with the staff and owners of budget motels we’ve used very often!

There are a few things that I try to remember to make the stay more comfortable.

Pillow Talk

I wish we had room for extra pillows as budget lodging is often lacking with the bare necessities. We like to stack pillows to lounge before the television or read.  Few and small pillows put the night deeper into the no-frills category.

Travel solutions for the frequent road tripper

SO, we roll up the bedspread for extra pillow stacking!  Bedspreads are usually too heavy to sleep under and end up off the bed anyway.  One place has ‘fitted’ spreads which are clunky, but this is a budget choice we’ve made, so we’ll work with it.

After a long day of driving, we’re often so tired that we don’t lounge very long!  We’re looking to sleep. Starting around 6 am and stopping around 6 pm are perfect setups for long sleep. Some days it seems we’ve slept close to around the clock when we’re settled in.

After a quick sandwich from the cooler stock with yogurt and a cookie, we’re done for the day. We’re not planning long-term TV watching or reading. We’re planning SLEEP!

Pillows must bother other people because there’s a market for travel pillows. Racks with specialty pillows fill truck stop shopping.

Versatile foam spikes the appeal for this FOLDING inflatable pillow. Reviews claim it can roll up VERY small for actual travel. Then, claims say the pillow springs back into puffy action when released from the ‘stuff bag.’

Even if I were not so tired at the end of the travel day, I’m not sure I would be windy enough to inflate this ‘blow-up wedge’.  But it is an option according to the descriptions.  There are several wedge options. Would people sell these things if there were no buyers?

I’m not unique in my quest for better and more pillows! 

I like plenty of towels, but will be patient.  We stay d motel. We sometimes run into some deferred maintenance but, the place is clean, cheap and FRIENDLY, so we can flex.

Recently, they have added some new fluffy towels to their accommodations. These little touches make an impression.

Down the DRAIN

Vanity sink drain closers are ‘of the devil’ at home.  In motels, they get different and or more use. And are more evil than the ones at home. The lodging closers are most likely the cheapest items or at best contractor grade.  When there is closer in place, it is either too tight or too loose. But, at least it is there to keep valuables from dropping down the drain.  A drain that looks DEEP, perhaps to the center of the earth. A drain that draws small items as if magnetic.

My husband has been known to crawl beneath the vanity and fix the closer rod!  But most recently, in both of the economy motels where we stay, the closers have gone missing. Only the DEEP drains remain.  I’ve added a flat drain cover to my travel tools!

This StopShroom will work on any drain. The company also makes a drain piece that can stay in the drain, but that’s not our concern. I’m focused on something that closes the drain while we are using someone else’s closer-less sink!  I like the flat closer. As sink drain closers are temperamental, sink drain sizes are unpredictable.

Travel Isn’t Going Away

I expect that Covid 19 will go away someday.  And, when we’re completely moved, our travel desires will dwindle if they don’t go completely away.  The little things that get to me when I’m traveling have solutions. I am an innovator and a maker!  As each new challenge or learning comes to the travels, I’m digging deep into the creative resources to carry on.

Making Road trips? Travel solutions

The end result will be a successful move to another home. I’m looking forward to that day. We’ve driven many miles this summer and autumn. As we go into winter, we’re prepared for whatever we must do. I hope we’re moved!  But if cold, nasty weather and roads encourage us to hunker down and go slower, we’re ready.

Each trip has brought different conditions. We’re moving from super humidity to almost no humidity. Temperatures are often hotter during the day, while higher altitude nights cool down.  We’ve seen the first of a long snow season. Packing has changed from shells, shorts, and sandals to warmer layers. 

Are you able to get out of the house during this time?  Have you been traveling on the roads to visit family and friends carefully?  I know other people who have successfully traversed the highways and stayed healthy. Please do what you must to stay safe, but yet not let life get away from you!

I would love to hear from you in the comments with some of your travel experiences and tips.