March 21, 2022

After a little over a year, let’s begin again. The past two years have been traumatic for everyone. The little details that have converged to mess with my blogging and work are not going to define me, going forward.

I suspect little things will pop in as we go along, but I will try to keep them under control.

This winter I’ve been a ‘reviewer’, an ‘evaluator’, and more. Making beta reading reviews and comments more prominent in the writing gives me goals. But they are good goals!

Ghostwriting and beta reading are most often confidential. I work in the background.. I love it, but sometimes the psyche wants some recognition. I was honored to evaluate several selections of yarn for one of my favorite suppliers, KnitPal. The writing quality wasn’t the focus for my comments. However, I want my opinions to be clear and candid. I have enjoyed a set of circular knitting needles from KnitPal during the past year.

KnitPal generously manages Facebook pages for knitting and for Tunisian crochet. The page admins requested volunteers to evaluate a selection of yarn. I was chosen. That let to many days of trying yarn and researching knitting history. More about all of that in the Threads!

The Little Ghost Who Showed Off

This blog will be featuring other information along with writing thoughts because while I am a ghost for your writing, I am not invisible. To remain the stealth marketer for writing isn’t going to benefit anyone. You will get a dose of threads, cooking, reading gardening, money, and whatever else comes to my mind! Some will be categories here and some will link out to other blogs,

March 23, 2022

Another windy March Day! But, it has been a good one. Monday, I felt so good to be posting here and a Cardinal Bluff Reviews. Lin Stepp has two upcoming releases. I have read “Eight at the Lake” and posted in the New Releases Category. EIght at the Lake – Lin Stepp’s New Release

There will be another post with a bigger review when the book is released on April 1, 2022. “Eight at the Lake” is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

Yesterday and today, I have been writing a review for Johnnie Alexander’s “Where Treasure Hides”. Set in Holland during World War II. Published by The Mosaic Collection Books, this faith-based historical romance is a really good book. I will be publishing my review at Cardinal Bluff in a few days. Have to get the graphics all set up.

March 30, 2022

That date sounds like Alice in Wonderland to me! Don’t remember why. But, today is next to the last day in March, 2022. There has been a lot of water both over and under the bridge for the past two years! I’m not writing today or tomorrow because I have family coming to visit. There are some times when a writer must stop and be a housekeeper! I hate to dust. There, I said it.

I do have some new posts over at Cardinal Bluff Reviews. The ones mentioned above and a new release announcement for Lin Stepp’s second book coming out this week. I will have greater posts for the books as reviews. I’m working in the background on some printables to share with readers. I’ve paid LOTS of $$ over the past couple of years for some beautiful planners. Only to find they weren’t designed for my mind and style. I found some that I can print as I need and love it. Some days, one planner page and one journal page serve two days! Some days, there is an extra page added for my thoughts. More about that later. Probably in April!