The Story of Bar JD

Bar JD is a staple name with my family. It could be considered our family CREST. Many, many years ago, we registered a brand (yes, a livestock BURN brand) in Wyoming.  It looks like this: .—JD

We didn’t have much for livestock. A few horses were marked with our brand, using tiny, delicate branding irons that didn’t burn as much as a tattoo needle. Our brand is not currently registered in Wyoming nor is it registered in Missouri any longer. 

We branded more picnic tables and tools than animals. And, I took the brand as a BRAND name for my virtual assistant practice.  That’s the short story. 

Bar JD for Business

I’ve worked as a virtual assistant since 2003.  At that time, I lived in a remote area in Wyoming. The connections made through internet exposure were wonderful. Because I liked the internet, I also liked websites, especially. When WordPress became a stable platform, much loved by Google, I learned to work with it. While building WordPress websites is no longer the focus of my practice I still use the platform exclusively. 
Office and administrative software have been a passion since the first time I turned on a computer. I work exclusively with laptops because I want mobility around the office and the country. Being able to deliver services from any internet connection is a super adventure. I am available for some virtual assistant clients. Please feel free to contact me at judyATbarjdcommunications if you need some help. If I can’t work you in, I know someone who can help you.

Sometimes, it is about money! We can work out a process that helps both of use, using hourly rates, packages, and creative plans to keep your business moving.

Exciting and Welcome Changes Come to Bar JD

In 2019, I moved to full-time blogging. I enrolled in The Elite Blogging Academy. I thought at the time, I knew all about blogging. I quickly realized that was an inaccurate assumption.  I’ve worked on multiple projects and found an unexpected niche. In 2020, I joined Nick Pavlidis’ Ghostwriting School and Hope*Writers.  When you subscribe to Bar JD or the other blogs, I promise not to BURY you with nonsense emails.

I use a fantastic email service, FLODESK FLODESK is an excellent service, but due to changes in our lives, I’m not actively working on building an email list. It may do me a lot of damage as a blogger, but this is how things are.

I review books at Cardinal Bluff Reviews.  Reviews include non-fiction and fiction, with a focus on ‘clean, flinch-free’ reading.  We have been experimental gardeners for many years, continuing among the humid rocks of the Ozarks. I blog gardening thoughts and information at The Legacy Gardens. 

I live and work in rural areas. The first was in the high deserts of south-central Wyoming. In 2004, we moved to the Missouri Ozarks. We have lived on a small ‘patch’ of nearly 4 acres. We have moved back WEST to rural northeastern Colorado.

My name is JudyAnn and I live in a small town in Logan County, Colorado. .I’m joined in the house with the yellow door by my husband, companion dog, Sandy, boss cat, Ziva and several stray cats who insist on sleeping on our porch furniture!