Wind Blown

The winds are sweeping across Northeastern Colorado 3 AGAIN! Many say this has been an unusually windy spring. But, I remember other winds in other places. We were impressed with those breezes as well.

I’m taking some ‘self-care steps to cope with the weather. The days are only going to become warmer and perhaps windier. Who knows. I’ve found a fantastic hairstylist who ‘gets’ it. I want easy care…I’m going to be out in the wind. I don’t care if STRAIGHT is the style. In this area of moderate humidity, my hair will curl a little bit. I want that. She cut my hair in a style that lasted 3 months! When I go outside, my shadow has ‘standy-up’ hair. So be it. I know a brush will fix that later.

Beaten Silks

I don’t yet have a major garden. We could get a cold snap! The little vintage tulips were kissed HARD by frost. Their leaves have brown tips and the flowers may not come.

Brave silk sunflowers waving in the wind!

In the summer of 2021, I killed a few things from the garden department. Especially the tempting chrysanthemums. They were timid in the outdoor containers anyway. Not fleshing out to the bounty I desired. Money down the drain. TWICE. I bought an armload of sunflowers and friends. They have been out there all winter!

2022 Grass and flowers “Blowin’ in the Wind”

THeir brave faces are going to be good for the summer of 2022. The bunch was in two pots in the beginning. Now, they are making one large pot seem abundantly filled.

I plan to enjoy the view at my doorstep and not stress about watering or wind. I’ll take that time for blogging!

Today, I skipped mums and petunia baskets. Went right to the silk department for a new crop of sunflowers. They brought some daisies and grasses. That big one is literally ‘blowin’ in the wind! The little sticker said ‘dog grass.’ Sandy put her nose to the flower business and thinks it looks like Johnson grass! A nuisance at times, but okay for a container. Especially since the silk variety is not invasive!

Some of the wind gusts in the past few weeks have topped 50 miles per hour! That is hard on containers. Even though I have these stems poked deep in dirt, sometimes the wind snatches one out.

Sandy checking the ‘dog grass.’

I’ll not be stressing about these early containers needing water, frost protection, or wind protection. They are seeking the wind! They will seek a chilly morning with frost.

I can concentrate on blogs and catching up on book reviews ( I have so many things I want to write about. Reading is great. Reviewing is a gift to authors and other readers. Sometimes there seems to be so much work writing a review. I have written The Guide to Write a Book Review to help overcome the review stress. I’ve included it in a package with review tools and more. The Read and Review Readers’ Journal is available at my Etsy shop.

And, I would SO like to try a podcast! I’ve listened to the Stones and Bones Podcast the past couple of days. It is in small bites. I could binge it out in two days. I have looked for the book, but it may not be available yet. The podcast is interesting and comprehensive. I think the book would not be a good thing right now.

Listening to the #SBpodcast right now is like reading the end of a book! I do that a lot. When the book is well-written, I can easily go back and watch the puzzle pieces come together. If the book is not holding my interest, I find out and can move on.