June 14, 2022

We’ve had a few days hit that 100-degree mark or real close. Today is a lovely, cooler day. The tribe has a garden started. LIVE plants, not the silks of the May Diary. There’s a lovely pink double rose by the door. I’m pretty sure it is a legacy named rose. The plan is to get some cuttings to put other places in the future.

The Experienced Silks Extra Experience

The silk flowers from last year were put into a yard pot. I just couldn’t throw them all away. In the past couple weeks, the curious calves have learned the electric fence won’t kill them. They escape and wander around the yard. They were intrigued by the pot of bright flowers. They have no hands, you know. So their busy little teeth pulled most of the stems out of the pot! I’m sure glad they didn’t have access to the NEW silks. The OLD silks could be picked up and jammed back into the pot for the wind to flutter.

There are some raspberry bushes enjoying a shelter fence in the backyard. The shelter would be a good spot for some herbs. And the roses, when I get them ready, will be fine there.

Catching Up at Cardinal Bluff

There are plans for this blog, but they are in development! Did some catching up today at Cardinal Bluff Reviews. Along with plans for here, my head is full of blog ideas for Sensible Strategy.