Bar JD Diary - April 2024

This block has a familiar look!

A Newer Classic?

Diary for April, 2024 — first day, 04/11/24, is a big of stream of thought (may or may not be consciousness).  The header on this post reminds me of the Old Kubrick ‘default’ theme for WordPress.  Way back when!!

Shortly before Kubrick was retired, I figured out how to manipulate it for different ‘looks.’ Oh, for the good old days.

Meanwhile, we move forward

Even though there are times when we feel like 2 steps forward and 3 back.

The topics are accumulating for the little efficiencies or hacks that we’ve developed as we are navigating this stage of our lives.

So, get ready to ride!

We have SO much that we’ve been doing since September 2023!  We thought that particular statement applied to October 2022 and Covid. Before that, we thought it was June 2021 and a broken neck. Boy, were we in for a big surprise!

Remember the pretty blue box on the home page?  And the chatter about learning Divi? Well, I wasn’t kidding. And, you, dear reader, are my testing ground while I try all of the toys

This particular bit will show us if we can figure out how to write content in columns. It’s kind of cute.

The ‘cute’ includes all of the images. That Kubrick type header will have to disappear on other posts, but for today, it’s giving me a lot of nostalgia. Deal with it. 

I know I have been going on about all there is to write about. As a ‘serious blogger’ with some training – LOL – I want to set up a post calendar and maybe get some of the stuff in cronological order. Not that it really matters because the things I want to write about are mostly clever hacks we have figured out.  Stick with me!  If you have to leave, be sure to come back.