Ghostwriting — Nothing Spooky!

JudyAnn Lorenz is the ghostwriter at Bar JD Ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting lets us work together to turn your life lessons into dynamic reading. Meanwhile, you continue to do the things you do best.

You may have a book-length package of information all ready to go.  Or your story may come in smaller pieces such as blog posts or articles. The posts and articles offer a possibility of a book over the accumulations.

Ghostwriting is Support, Not Takeover

My piece of the picture will be to support you through the project’s various stages. We would begin with a plan, outlines, meetings, and drafts through to the final marketing. 

Perhaps your information comes as a non-fiction production.  Or you may have a fictional story that presents what you have to say.

Ghostwriting works for you at any level you need. I can work out interviews, organize your notes, and pursue research for you. Or, you can write for yourself, then let me edit and arrange for continuity and the market.  I have contacts who can take us from word processor file to the book cover and publication.

Integrity is the Foundation

Through the entire process, confidentiality from Bar JD is a certainty.  Your information stays in strict confidence. as we grow your project  That same privacy applies to our part in the writing. I will be your best-kept secret according to your wishes

JudyAnn Lorenz Blogs for Bar JD, Cardinal Bluff Reviews and The Legacy Gardens.

I will be able to keep your ‘voice’ throughout the writing. This is YOUR story and your readers want to hear your voice.

I am committed to observe and encourage you to add to your story. Or save parts for another project.

I have training and contacts that will help me get your story, either non-fiction or fiction, ready. Marketing techniques are an important piece of the process.

I am committed to protecting the confidentiality of all clients. Examples of my writing are available for you to check out in several places.  I write for my blog websites

After posting, I publish the roundups on LinkedIn. Medium and Patreon projects to showcase my writing are in the works.

Ghostwriting — A Perpetual Learning Process

Ghostwriting is a living, expanding skill. I’ve studied with Nick Pavilitis at Ghostwriting School.  And a boot camp for Ghostwriting books at Freelance Writers Den.  Before I began the course, I thought I would limit my preferences to blog posts. 

I do like to organize the research and information in a ‘smaller’  blog post project.  The search engines and readers prefer meaty posts of over 1,100 words.  Previous writing has often been for newspapers where I was directed to write tight articles that were easy to read quickly.  Then, along came Twitter and 140 characters. Such concise writing seemed impossible in the beginning but became a habit. 

I’m happy for the release from ‘concise’.  Writing all information to tell a wholesome story has a therapeutic reward! Presenting the story is the key thought. Rambling pages of blarney that has little or no application to the topic will revolt readers.

Let’s Talk!

Contact me with your needs for a ghostwriter today. My email is: Judy AT