Welcome To Bar JD


We are rebuilding the Bar JD writing and blogging website.  Still our favorite, WordPress, but converting to Divi and Elegant Themes. It is a learning curve because I do not have as much time to think about it as I would like. You are welcome to watch.


I am a small virtual business. Wordsmithing with your story while blogging MY story

Diary at Bar JD

An ongoing post throughout the month with bits referring to other posts and bits that are simple news

Our Home Hacks

We’ve been breaking new ground with health issues. There are many tasks that professionals didn’t thing we could do. We have refined them.

Ghostwritng and Beta Reading

Your story is important and I’m ready to  put it together in your unique voice.  As a beta reader with your manuscript, I may show how you are a better writer than you thought.

Calling All Readers -- BOOK REVIEWS

Cardinal Bluff Reviews are my reading recommendations (or not). Aimed at ‘flinch free’ reading. Join me with your ‘cuppa’ and get the GOODS on some good books. 

Drop Me a Line

I know the typical blog formula collects email addresses so that I can upsell. My blog posts will be expounding on our current position that has a different model.