We're Exploring Divi

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A Newer Classic

I’m new at the “Divi” theme game. I confess to resisting the block theme idea for several years. I’ve had a platform that worked well with WordPress with easy to customize themes.

Experience with block themes involved more drag-and-drop activities which never seemed to work. I dropped my membership with multiple theme groups because of the blocks.

Content Blocks Were A Push Forward

The introduction of Gutenberg blocks for writing pages and posts helped prepare me for the next step in my life of website design.

Now, the old platform is being abandoned for older users like me. The lifetime membership has lasted about 14 years!

A team member introduced me to Divi. She had a little more clout than I did, so I thought, “Okay, what the heck.”  Then I tried it. (And I learned more about the political demise of my old favorites.)

Exploration Always Brings Learning and Challenge

It has not been a flat learning curve!  But the lights are beginning to come one! There are some things in Divi that users can adapt right away.  These little tools have been around for a while in other places. Remember the first default themes for WordPress?  One of them had some gradient and font tools that most users never saw. The gradient work on this post is part of Divi.  I could use other options such as textures, my own images, or videos.

I have an application to become a Divi affiliate.  Because I plan to do a lot of presenting through my writing about the things I am learning and using on other websites.

Stay tuned for discussions about my experiences. Check out Divi for yourself.