Write Well U and The Naked VA on Comparisons.

Write Well U Discusses “Comparison” on The Naked VA

The Naked VA features an article from Dawn Goldberg of Write Well U and an ‘expanding’ interview with Ms. Goldberg. Incorporating Galatians 6:4 “Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don’t compare yourself with others.” into the article discussing comparisons for the virtual assistant business.

Of course comparisons are wise in the view brought forth by Ms. Goldberg. The scripture admonishes us to do our own work well and not ‘compare’ or be in competition with others who may have other businesses or similar businesses

The points of comparison that can keep a virtual assistant business on the high side of sanity have application for other businesses, but we’re talking about VAs today. Virtual Assistants will benefit from some comparisons in their business if they can tell the difference between an apple or an orange. apples_to_oranges_150_clr_5502The intent is to have a business that offers solid service to clients and fulfillment to the owner. Being the business that ate all the other businesses doesn’t fit our comparison model.

Why do you want  be virtual?

  • Must you work virtually?
  • Are you driven to work with the outsourcing aspect, especially utilizing the Internet?
  • This virtual format works so well for people who want to be independent and niche service oriented.
  • The virtual assistant is the shining star of outsourcing.

BUT — oh, that ubiquitous BUT — whether done part-time or full-time, this virtual stuff is WORK. Now, as noted earlier, you may love doing every service you offer, which comes close to my personal view of a ‘hobby.’ Hobbies are usually followed for other reasons than profitability. When we start working with something we love and receive compensation for that activity, it is no longer a hobby; it has begun to be either a business or a job.

Within that description, the virtual assistant dreamer will be more professional and more content in the choices to do some comparisons.

  • What service should be offered?
    • What am I good at that I enjoy
  • What will the business model be?
    • What details have been missed?
  • What are my rates?
    • How will I be paid?
  • Where are the clients?
    • What ways can I use to network and connect with them
  • What will be the marketing process?
  • Who will I listen to?
    • Who will be able to sell me on new or next things?

The article includes seven wise comparison tips. Number seven comes back to the scripture reference. Compare your business with that of others VERY carefully. Examine theirs and see if there are things you want to add or change, but don’t kill yourself arguing over whether your business is as good as theirs. It isn’t that kind of competition, my dear.

Comments after the article expand on joint ventures and some of the things that a virtual assistant should watch when considering them.

Ruth Martin, owner of The Naked VA frequently has a solid interview with other business people. The conversation is profound and sensible with many applications that readers can learn, then put to use. I really liked the way The Naked VA formatted the article and the Interview together for a better understanding and ‘acquaintance’ with Dawn Goldberg and Write Well U.

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