The Perpetual Student Rocks With Techie Mentor Labs Classes

Hiding in plain sight — a classroom. Typical mental image of the perpetual student who studies but doesn’t learn to produce.

A little condescending criticism might be justified when that person is clearly using their hiding place to escape reality, production and some maturity. Usually, they aren’t paying the bills.

My virtual assistant or virtual professional peers, I encourage and even challenge you to make an honest statement of the term perpetual student. Bring it into the legitimate realm by investing in your business and expanding your skill set through some training. Why training when we can get into the software, service, or technology ourselves and learn how to get around? You know we all do that and enjoy it. I often do just that when there isn’t time or opportunity for training. I’m not afraid to take on a ‘guinea pig’ client at a low rate ‘because I’m learning’, then get into the product at hand to perform some on the job training.

But, there are some little nuances of so many of the tools we use for the benefit of clients that can be missed when learning them ‘the hard way.’ And bigger opportunities for us to have a problem, especially with time, working to deliver the quality work that our clients need and are promised. “I’m just learning to run this,” is not an excuse to deliver poor work. When it takes all day to do something that should have taken no more than an hour because I have to ‘fall’ into the right way to use the product, my profitability and sanity go down the drain.

I’d determined to get into the online learning this year at several skills that I had been dodging — shopping carts, customer management systems, membership websites. I found that much of the long distance information is not especially useful. I have been able to access the real product just enough to learn that the tutorials are behind the new innovations being offered the consumer of these services. Training for some of them is more expensive in terms of money and time than I feel comfortable with at present.

Through an exceptionally strong virtual assistant group on Facebook, I was introduced to the training offered by Techie Mentor and Techie Mentor Labs by owner, Susan Merchon. A generous ‘free’ webinar demonstrated the training and communicating skills that I saw would help me learn more and be able to offer more through Techie Mentor Classes. The ‘introductory’ webinars are offered as part of the rotating schedule of classes that will follow; the free webinars for several courses are available at Free Training Webinars on the Techie Mentor Labs website. Prospective students can try the courses on for size before signing on.

Techie Mentor Labs classes are LIVE webinars which are recorded for students who cannot attend. We know we aren’t in a ‘canned’ class as we get to enchange chat messages with Susan Merchon and hear her plan to note questions or information that we contribute during the live webinar to be answered in a future class or by email. Each course will have multiple class sessions including informative webinars as well as a question/answer webinar to close that class.

Each topic has more than one level of difficulty from Beginner through Intermediate on to Advanced and in come topics, Expert. Students can to as far as they wish or step in at a level that permits expansion on current skills. Each class is priced and purchased separately.

I began with 1ShoppingCart, an excellent service for both e-commerce and contact/customer management. I appreciate the process putting these options and more into one package. There are more robust options that combine the options. There are excellent services which offer e-commerce and other excellent resources for contact/customer management. The combination system at 1ShoppingCart works well for a business getting ready to step out with product and desire for customer community.

I like to think I know a lot about WordPress, but after seeing the quality of the classes, I decided to attend the introductory webinar for WordPress. I came away from that session convinced that I could benefit from the Techi Mentor Labs Advanced WordPress classes. The very first class had a tip in it that I considered to be well worth the entire price of the class!

This is not an affiliate post; I am writing as a super satisfied Techie Mentor Labs student. You can view my Class Completed Badges here! I recommend that you check out the Free Webinars to learn more for yourself. I am, as my version of the perpetual student, already enrolled for Advanced 1ShoppingCart in 2014.


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